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RenuaDisc 4-in-1 Spinal Decompression Table

Only $14,999! Call (469) 222-7973

Introducing the DOC 4-in-1 Spinal Decompression Table

Not only do we think this is the most advanced spinal decompression table on the market, this table is actually 4 tables in 1!

Cervical/Lumbar Spinal Decompression

One of the most advanced spinal decompression systems around, treating patients positioned prone or supine, and it even has the ability to add in lateral flexion for those stubborn disc herniation that can seem difficult to improve.


The rear section of the table has a "guide handle" and is easily placed into flexion and extension, making this table a perfect flexion/distraction table for patients that prefer or respond better to flexion/distraction, more so than other therapies.

Inversion Table

Want a more gentle approach? This table also does inversion. If the patient is supine, the rear section can be raised and the front let down, lowering the patient's head and elevating his legs into a straight plane.

Creates a Perfect Adjusting or Exam Table

Our traction head is easily unplugged and removed if the doctor wants to use the table for an adjusting or exam table. The size and height of the table are ideal for adjusting patients or performing therapies such as muscle stimulation, cold laser or ultrasound. Compare - If you were to purchase these tables individually, you would pay: - A flexion distraction table $6,500 - A spinal decompression table $16,900 - An inversion table $300, Totaling $23,700!


You would think that with all these revolutionary, exclusive benefits that this table would cost a fortune. Business consultants encouraged us to sell this table for close to $20,000, but our goal was to provide a table that is not only the most effective table on the market today, but is also one that you can afford. In fact, we will show you how you can pay as little as $4,331 for this table. That's the equivalent of 2 new patients! That's right—only 2 new patients! This can be done in the first month, and you can have this table completely paid for within the first 2 months.


Hundreds of thousands of dollars and thousands of hours have gone into making sure you receive world class training from the best spinal decompression doctors, researchers and teachers available. 10 hours of intense educational training is included, completely free of charge, which will cover almost every spinal decompression subject and question you could ask. Simply hoping that patients get results is a waste of time and money. Receive valuable, thorough training, so that you feel confident in treating even the toughest of patients.


Purchase the RenuvaDisc from GeoMedic Solutions before Dec 31st, 2016 and get the Decompression Pros 2.0 Basic Marketing Program for FREE. This will help to ensure your success! Our customized clinic brochures, proven newspaper ads, easy-to-implement training and revolutionary internet marketing programs will help ensure your clinic has a steady stream of new decompression patients.

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