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Kennedy Lumbar/Cervical Decompression Table

Only $9,000! Call (469) 222-7973


  • Unique pull patterns deliver pull forces that closely mimic the hand-delivered feel clinicians provide, and add gradient, progressive range of motion and oscillations
  • Isolation of all phases of pull with independent timing for pretension, progression, traction and regression
  • Variable speed control for patient comfort and increased treatment flexibility
  • Pretension step eases guarding and provides greater comfort for the acute patient
  • Comfortable/adjustable arm rests
  • Large comfortable breathing slot in the headpiece design
  • Variable retraction spring
  • Axial lateral pulls (lumbar & cervical) for lateral discs
  • Inversion with whole body vibration
  • Bolsterless leg elevation system
  • Extension and flexion in the lumbar spine when caudal sections are adjusted
  • Gravity assisted positioning for VERY acute patients
  • Advanced axilla post design
  • Height adjustable wing vest
  • Open architecture modality belts
  • Hand switch to control the elevation and powered sections
  • Single column pedestal lifting system
  • More compact design saves space


80 in x 28 in x 20 in; Weight: 315 lb

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