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Content Ideas for Your Spinal Decompression Clinic Emails

Have you initiated an email campaign to promote your spinal decompression practice only to be disappointed with the results? If so, it might be time to reconsider your email content.

One common mistake clinics make with their email marketing strategy is content that oversells their services. A steady diet of sales messages will soon fall on deaf ears. Selling in today's digital world needs to focus more on providing content that prospective patients find valuable and in building relationships and trust over time.

Here are some ideas for email content that will help you develop a more interested following that will lead to more patient acquisitions.

Preventative Measures to Avoid Back and Neck Injuries

Office-bound workers, laborers and weekend warriors all run the risk of back and neck injuries. A few tips can help them avoid problems and live a healthier, more active life. Such advice is valuable information and conveys a message that you care for individuals' wellbeing and are not just interested in their fees for your services. This trust-building approach can help set you apart from competitors as a practitioner who cares.

Case Studies

Everyone loves a success story. And when they follow one with which they can identify, they love it even more. A retroactively developed success story that focuses on a common spinal-related treatment success can be presented in a sequence that demonstrates not only satisfaction with treatment, but also establishes expectations and can instill confidence in your ability to help their condition.

Updates on Spinal Conditions and Their Treatment

People are hungry for information, especially those who have experienced unsuccessful attempts at relieving pain associated with back and neck disorders. Keeping them up to date on the latest advances in the field helps to establish you as an authority in the field.

Information About Your Practice

A series of "Meet the Staff" emails can help prospective patients feel more comfortable about your clinic and encourage contact. Updates about new technology, new approaches and results can also peak peoples' interest without the need for overt selling.


Nothing is more effective in the clinical treatment field than peer-to-peer selling. Why should you have to sell your services when you have satisfied customers that can do it for you? A brief profile, a quote and you've communicated strong message that says, "I can help you, too."

Special Offerings

It's a good idea to follow up a series of emails about a specific condition with an offer such as a free consultation or a reduced fee. If your previous emails have provided value, email recipients will have been paying attention. A special offer may be the ticket to get them in the door.

Call to Action

Whatever content you choose to provide in your emails, don't overlook the importance of a call-to-action message. This message is designed to encourage prospective patients to take a specific action. That action may be anything from visiting your website, to downloading a free patient education booklet, registering for a free monthly newsletter to scheduling an appointment. The key to a call-to-action message is that you are promoting behavior that moves prospects at least one step closer to engaging your services. Don't send an email without one.

Keep in mind that email campaigns rarely yield immediate results. The best email campaigns for a spinal decompression clinic continue to provide information on an ongoing that is of interest to recipients, builds trust and communicates the most important message, "I care."

What's in your email content?

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