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Class III Laser
RenuvaLaze III
Class IV Laser
RenuvaLaze IV
RenuvaLaze Class III Cold Laser
Class III Laser
Class III Laser
Class III Laser
Class III Laser

RenuvaLaze III

  • Hand Held, lightweight, portable
  • 50+ Programmed Codes
  • 2 Visible 635 nm diodes, 1 Infrared 830 nm
  • Perfect for a busy practice
  • Even more perfect to sell or rent to patients
  • In Stock, Guaranteed Lowest Prices
  • 1 Year warranty

What You Get With the RenuvaLaze III Cold Laser

1) Research

Hundreds of research articles have shown Low Level Laser therapy class III lasers to be not only safe but also very effective.

2) Fair Price

Don’t pay $5,000 to $10,000 more for a “Name” when you can get the exact same technology and clinical effectiveness for 1/4 of the price.

3) Convenience

Small, portable, hand held design is perfect for increasing your effectiveness in office or your bottom line renting or selling to patients for in home care.

What You Don’t Get

1) An Overpriced Laser

Our guaranteed lowest prices will ensure you the highest possible Return on Your Investment. No more expensive paper weights that collect more dust than they do profits.

2) Treated Poorly

Our highly trained customer service stands ready to answer all your questions about marketing, technique, applications and contraindications will help you get the most from your practice.

3) Hot Air

Too many companies over promise and under deliver. Clinical effectiveness, a fair price and world class technique and marketing support will help ensure your get more that just empty promises.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are RenuvaLaze III Specifications?

RenuvaLaze III is a class 3B laser designed for tissue healing and does not destroy or damage tissue. RenuvaLaze III has 3 laser diodes:

  • Visible 635nm (red light) <5mW
  • 1 infrared 830nm (invisible light) <20mW

How Are Clinics Making Money Off The RenuvaLaze III?

Clinics are making money from the RenuvaLaze III in 4 different ways.

First they make money by billing the patients insurance for treatments performed in the office when patients insurance benefits cover laser therapy.

Second, when a patient’s insurance doesn’t cover laser therapy then clinics will charge the patients cash for treatments. This ranges between $20 and $75 per treatment.

Third, doctors are realizing that these lasers are perfect to sell to patients who need ongoing, long term care (chronic neck or back pain, chronic skin conditions, wellness treatments) and who can safely and effectively administer their own laser therapy. Doctors typically make around $500 per laser they sell.

Fourth, doctors are renting this laser to patients who need lots of treatment over a short period of time. . Most doctors are renting the RenuvaLaze for $100 to $200 per week.

Other than pain and inflammation what does the RenuvaLaze III treat?

The RenuvaLaze III hand held laser design allows for a mobile, easy to use device that is programmed with over 50 codes including but not limited to protocols for acne, allergies, TMJ, sore muscles, scars, gallbladder support, liver support, kidney support and much, much more.

Is the RenuvaLaze III Safe?

There are over 1,700 published studies and not one of them mentions any negative side effects of Low Level Laser Therapy. Cold lasers are safe, non-toxic and non-invasive. There has not been a single recorded side effect!

What are Some of the Physiological Repair Effects of Low Level Laser Therapy?

The physiological repair effects of low level laser therapy are achieved by the light's reenergizing (or repolarizing) of injured and malfunctioning cell membranes. Low level laser therapy also increases the intracellular energy output by more than 150 percent. The extra energy becomes a repair and restoration mechanism so that the damaged cell begins to thrive once again.

Advantageous actions of low level laser therapy take place in all organs and tissues of the human body, by creating more normalized cellular functioning once again.

What are More Possible Benefits of Low Level Laser Therapy?

  • A reduction of pain by the body’s production of endorphins (natural pain killers)
  • The reduction of inflammation
  • The halting of a tissue's influx of fluids
  • The disappearance of swelling, redness, and heat
  • The reduction and elimination of pain
  • An elevation of lymphatic drainage
  • An increase of blood circulation
  • An increased flow of healing enzymes into a traumatized area
  • The measureable showing of up to 75 percent increase in enzymes
  • The reduction of spasms in tight muscles (both smooth and striated) which had been creating chronic pain, joint stiffness, and decreased mobility
  • The speeding up of bone repair
  • Quickly increases Range of Motion
  • Increases the once-damaged tissues ability to handle additional stress
  • The canceling wave effect of viruses, fungi, bacteria, and a variety of parasites so that they fail to survive as pathological organisms

Since the biostimulative, regenerative, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic characteristics of low level laser therapy began during the past half-century, a massive number of laboratory and clinical studies have been conducted. More than 1,700 published pieces have appeared in the medical literature, demonstrating to the effectiveness of LLLT.

RenuvaLaze Class IV Cold Laser

RenuvaLaze IV

  • Class IV laser for a class III price
  • 60 Watts continuous power
  • Built in Preset Protocols for Ease of Use
  • Digital, sleek, easy-to-navigate touch screen
  • 1 Year warranty

What You Get With the RenuvaLaze IV Cold Laser

1) Sound Sleep at Night

With an affordable price tag a 1-year warranty you are going to sleep like a baby knowing that you CAN get a solid return on your investment AND not have to worry about expensive repair bills.

2) Class IV Effectiveness

With 60 watts of continuous power your patients will be fist pumping and singing your praises as they get significant, long lasting results even when other therapies failed.

3) More Profits

With one of the highest powered class IV lasers on the market, unparalleled patient satisfaction, and a proven marketing system that generates tons of new patients your business is sure to grow.

What You Don’t Get

1) Overpriced Laser & Poor ROI

While comparable class IV cold lasers cost between $20,000 to $25,000, we think you deserve a chance to actually get a Return on Your Investment.

2) High pressured sales tactics

We want you to have a great laser at an even better price. No high pressure sales people. No gimmicks. No over-priced equipment. No relentless follow up calls.

3) A product that won’t last

Built with only the highest quality parts and accessories and a 1 year parts AND labor warranty your laser is sure to last even in the busiest of practices.