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Spinal Decompression Website Development

Desktop, Laptop, and Mobile Devices

7 Reasons Our Spinal Decompression Websites Generate a Steady Stream of New Patients:

  • Built in SEO
  • High Quality Graphics, Pictures
  • Professionally Written Content
  • Effective Follow up Email Campaigns
  • Essential 5 Calls to Action
  • Optimized for Mobile, Tablets etc.
  • Pay Per Click Campaigns done by experts
  • And much, much more...
Relaxing Doctor

We Do All The Dirty Work

Sit back and relax. You don’t need to spend your time or energy trying to chose the right domain name, figure out which hosting to get, navigate through all the up-sells on GoDaddy wondering what you need and don’t need never really being sure what’s important and what’s not. We’ll do everything for you including

  • Picking out the perfect domain for you
  • Register your domain
  • Take care of the hosing, security, features, etc...

Domain Creation

Let us help you pick the perfect domain. It needs to be easy to spell and easy to remember and must include 3 specific criteria, and we know what those are.

Domain Registration

We can register the domain for you, pick out the appropriate hosting, select the important safety features and save you money on unnecessary “up-sells” that lead to wasted money.

Crowd of Patients

Our Websites Make You the “Go-to Doctor” In Your Area

Ever wonder why some clinics phones don’t seem to stop ringing while other clinics hear nothing but crickets? Our websites make you the “Go-To Doctor” in your area, leaving no reason for them to go to other websites.

This is done carefully and methodically by

  • Giving you a CUSTOMIZED website, not the same canned site everyone else has
  • Packing the site full of research, graphs, and charts showing effectiveness
  • Using built in validity demonstrating value
  • Branding your “Comprehensive Approach” to their pain

CUSTOMIZED Website for YOUR clinic

We can add laser, nutrition, Neuropathy, Fibromyalgia, Graston Technique, massage or any other ancillary specialties free of charge.

Custom “About Us” page

It includes all doctor and staff pictures, bios, essential education history, and interesting facts allowing patients to get to know you even before they come in.

Built-in Validity

Our Website will show why you are “the most qualified” clinic around leaving no need for them to shop other websites.

Built-in “Most Comprehensive Care Available”

Our website will show why your care is the “most comprehensive care available” validating long term success and no need to “keep coming forever.”

Why Our Websites Lead to More Action

Websites that lead to sales

Many clinics get plenty of patients to their website only to see high bounce rates, few email enquiries, even worse, minimal phone calls. This poor conversion from website visitors to phone calls requires an exact science. That’s were we come in! Our 5 calls to action produce phone calls, not just web visitors.

5 calls to action:

  1. Schedule an Appointment
  2. Patient Qualification Questionnaire
  3. Free Report
  4. Live Chat
  5. Secret Lead Capture Call to Action

1) Schedule an Appointment

We know exactly where every phone number needs to be.

2) Patient Qualification Questionnaire

Pre-Qualify new patients, eliminate wasted time on patients that don’t qualify, and make it easy for patients to commit to taking the first step.

3) Free Report

Our customized free report and 10 email follow up sequences will help convert even the most skeptical of patients. It’s automated so your staff has to do NOTHING.

4) Live Chat

Let us show you how to effectively and affordably run a Live Chat (less than $20 per month). Live Chat is one of the most under rated and underutilized ways to convert more new patients.

5) Lead Capture Secret Call to Action

We will show you a guaranteed way to capture more email addresses with less selling than ever before. This secret lead capture box can double the amount of patients giving you their email addresses allowing you to put them into your automated campaign.

Ready to Have a Website that Gets You More Action?

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Get Found

Our Websites Get Found!

It seems like you need to be a combination of a Rocket Scientist and a Neurosurgeon to be smart enough to keep up with all of Google’s rules, algorhythms, and highly complex website grading systems. No worries. We keep up on them so you don’t have to. We are constantly changing, adding and improving so that your website ranks where it deserves. This includes the following:

  • A fully optimized site including built in SEO
  • Built in location optimization
  • Professionally written, high value content
  • Includes most popular ranking key words and phrases
  • Compelling and creative content

A Fully Optimized Website

Built-in SEO, most popular ranking key words and phrases, built in demographicand location optimizer with the 5 closest cities to your clinic.

SEO Copywriting

You know what you want to say but when you put it on paper, it just doesn’t read right.Don’t worry. We have professional writers who write ALL the content for our website. We will include the relevant search engine keywords, phrases and metatags that will help your customers find you online.

Compelling and Creative Content

Let our professional writers create you a website with content that is creative and compelling. Websites should be fun, interesting to read, educational and should commit the person to action. Ours do just that.

Are you ready to have a website that gets found?

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Pay-Per-Click Done By the Pros

If there is only one thing that you should have done by the professionals it is Pay Per Click. Nothing in our opinion has more room for error and wasted money than a Pay Per Click campaign done by those that “think they know how.” Four years ago we teamed up with the nation's Leading Pay-Per-Click company to ensure it’s DONE RIGHT. (Google Fees Additional)


This includes the following:

  • Up to 5 Dedicated, Separate phone lines
  • 10 Professionally Written Ad Word Campaigns
  • ONLY local Ad words campaigns to avoid wasted money on non qualified leads
  • Analytics to measure EVERYTHING

Pay Per Click Setup

We’ve teamed up with the nation’s leading internet pay per click company to get you the best rates, the most effective AD Word Campaigns and the most accurate follow up and accountability programs to ensure that every month you are getting the most for EVERY dollar you spend. The key is to track everything. (Our motto: If you can’t track it then don’t do it!)

10 Google AdWords Campaigns

Designed to qualify, convert, save you money on non-qualified candidates, and get you in front of your competitor’s key words. Most importantly, your campaigns will only show up within a 20 minute radius of your clinic so only location qualified patients will call. (Does not include Google AdWords Charges)

Ready to Take Your Pay-Per-Click Campaigns to the Next Level?

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Don’t Forget About Our ELITE Program

If your clinic is really ready to kick butt online check out our Elite Website Program.

Our Elite Program includes the following:

  • 4 Condition Specific Mini-Sites (Herniated discs, Sciatica, DDD, Laser)
  • Free Report lead capture box
  • 10 Professionally written follow up emails designed to convert even the toughest patient
  • Automated Responder Setup—Let us put your emails on Auto Pilot

See Demos of Our Elite Mini Sites >>

Auto Responder Setup

We customize every email for your clinic, import them in to your follow up responder and automate the process for you. (Premium Package)

4 Condition-specific Websites

Each one tailored towards only 1 condition. Herniated Disc Website, Degenerated Disc Disease website, Sciatica website and a cold laser website. Any campaign will work better if patients go to a specific landing page as opposed to a general website. (Elite Program)

Free Report Capture Box to Gather Emails

These email addresses will be put into your follow up campaigns.

Email Auto Responder Follow-up Campaign

Email Follow-up Campaign and Auto Responder

10 professionally written spinal decompression follow up emails to take a cold lead and turn them into a qualified, interested prospect. Having a lead generating Free Report or Ebook on your website with an opt-in where prospective patients can enter their email address is standard practice for any business nowadays. Once an email address is entered then our 10 professionally written emails can automatically go out every couple of days to interested patients.

These follow up emails contain all the latest research, patient testimonials, condition animations and analogies to make it easy for them understand their condition and their options. These emails also contain the pros and cons of surgery, pills, shots and physical therapy and contrast this to the long term, high effectiveness and low side effects of spinal decompression.

NOTE: Follow-up auto campaign software not included. You must subscribe to a service such as Aweber, Constant Contact, Infusionsoft, etc.

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