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Practice Management System

The Most Effective Decompression Practice Management System on the Planet

Decompression Pros Practice Management System 2.0 is the exact same system that has been used to build 7-figure spinal decompression clinics around the world. Unlock every document, every technique, every strategy necessary to help more people and create more profits.

  • Sure Scheduling System

    Never lose another patient again to the poor handling of inbound calls! Learn what it takes to turn 85%+ of inquiries into appointments.
  • Marketing & Sales System

    Get the phones ringing with done-for-you ads and marketing techniques that really work.
  • A-Z Closing System

    This comprehensive, step-by-step guide will teach you exactly what to say and how to say it to turn qualified prospects can be helped by spinal decompression into paying patients.
  • Referral Building System

    Every practitioner knows that the best patients are referred patients. Learn how to get a steady stream of referrals ethically and effectively—without begging.
  • Advanced Marketing Tactics & Tools

    Get more, in-depth marketing tactics and tools for power users. If you want to build a spinal decompression practice with multiple tables, this is for you.
  • Seminar Selling System

    This powerful module will show you how to make “dine with the doc” events and educational seminars effective and profitable.
  • Advanced Spinal Decompression Techniques

    Do you want to get better patient outcomes and help more people, faster? Use these proven spinal decompression techniques.
  • Online and Social Media Marketing System

    These days, if you’re practice isn't online, you're losing money every day. Here's how to create an effective internet presence that doesn’t break the bank.
  • Monthly Live Office Team Training Webinars

    An advanced module for power users, you can get live training from Decompression Pros to ensure that your staff is implementing the system right.
  • Live One-on-One Coaching

    Work with someone who has been there. Work Decompression Pros’ coaches own 7-figure+ decompression practices...and can help you do the same.
  • Full Document Center

    Get absolutely every document we use in our own 7-figure+ decompression practices, from forms to scripts to advertisements and more.


Professionally Designed Marketing Materials

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What You Get Pro
($197 Monthly)
($297 Monthly)
(One-Time $3,995)
Patient Registration Forms
(Delivered in Month 1)
Starter Marketing Kit
(Delivered Months 1-3)
Up Front
Free Report
(Delivered in Months 2)
Up Front
Newspaper Advertising Basics
(Delivered in Month 2)
Up Front
Consultation Poster
(Delivered in Month 3)
Up Front
Lawyer Referral Packets
(Delivered in Months 4)
Up Front
Medical Doctor Referral Packet
(Delivered in Months 4)
Up Front
Dinner With the Doctor
(Delivered in Months 5–8)
Up Front
Automated Lead Generation Email Training
(Delivered in Month 6)
Up Front
Newspaper Advertising Advanced
(Delivered in Months 6)
Up Front
Advanced Marketing Kit
(Delivered Months 6–12)
Up Front
Tradeshow Program
(Delivered in Months 8–11)
Up Front
Follow Up Emails for Patients
(New Messages Monthly)
10 Up Front
Decompression Technique Tips and Protocols
(1 Hour Monthly)
10 Hours Up Front
Advertorial Newspaper Ad
(New Ad Every 2 Months)
Display Newspaper Ad
(New Ad Every 2 Months)
Lead Generation Ad
(New Ad Every 2 Months)
Research Pieces
(New Ad Every 2 Months)
6 Up Front
Consultation Trainings
(New Training Every 2 Months)
6 Up Front
Phone Scripts for Phone Etiquette, Tips, Difficult Questions, Etc.
(New Script Every 2 Months)
44 Pages Up Front
Direct Mail Pieces
(New Piece Every 2 Months)
Press Releases
(New PR Every 2 Months)
7 Up Front
Patient Referral Trainings
(New TrainingEvery 2 months)
6 Up Front
Website Optimization Training
(New Training Every 2 Months)
5 Up Front
Financial Enrollment Trainings
(New Training Every 2 Months)
Up Front
Radio Advertising—Scripts, Tips, Training
(Delivered Every 4 Months)
Built to Sell Trainings
(New Training Every 6 Months)
3 Up Front
Monthly Checklists to Staff Members -
Monthly Phone Conferences With Staff -
Monthly Trainings With Staff -
Monthly Review of Taped Secret Shopper Phone Calls -

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