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6-in-1 Cervical/Lumbar Decompression Table

Not only do we think this is the one of the most advanced spinal decompression tables on the market, this table is actually 6 tables in 1.

6-in-1 Table Includes

Cervical/Lumbar Spinal Decompression

One of the most advanced spinal decompression systems around. Treats patients prone or supine and even has the ability to add in lateral flexion for those stubborn disc herniations that just don’t want to get better.


The rear section of the table has a “guide handle” and is easily placed into flexion and extension making this table a perfect flexion/distraction table for patients that prefer or respond better to flexion/distraction over other therapies.

Inversion Table

Want a more gentle approach? This table also does inversion. If the patient is supine, you can raise the rear section, and lower the front, the patients head will be lowered, and their legs elevated in a straight plain.

Adjusting or Exam Table

Our traction head is easily unplugged and removed if the doctor wants to use the table for an adjusting or exam table. The size and height of the table make it perfect for adjusting patients or performing therapies such as muscle stimulation, cold laser or ultrasound.

Drop Table

The ONLY spinal decompression table on the market where you can add cervical, thoracic, and lumbar drop sections. Use your decompression table as a drop table for patients who prefer drop table adjusting. Decompress and adjust all on the same table. No more going from room to room or table to table. (Drops optional. Call for pricing on drops.)

Vibration Therapy

The K-1-4 is one of the only spinal decompression tables today with built in Vibration Therapy. Whole body vibration, when combined with the decompression, fatigues muscles up to 50% quicker than using decompression alone. Decompression, combined with WBV, pulls fluids into the discs more rapidly. It allows spasmed muscles to relax and prevent future muscle spasms to occur.

Triton DTS TRT-600 Spine Therapy Table Features

  • A flexion distraction table $3,500
  • A spinal decompression table $11,900
  • A vibration platform $4,900
  • A drop table $1,900
  • An Inversion table $300

Most Affordable Table on the Market Today

You would think that with all these revolutionary, exclusive benefits that this table would cost a fortune. Business consultants encouraged us to sell this table for close to $20,000. But our goal was to get you a table that is not only the most effective table on the market today, but also one that you can afford. At only $8,995 this decompression table is the most affordable decompression table on the market today. Even better, we will show you how you can pay as little as $4,331 for this table. That’s the equivalent of 2 new patients. That’s right. Only 2 new patients. This can be done in the first month. You could have this table paid for in the first 2 months.

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Decompression Pros 2.0 Practice Management System


Decompression Pros 2.0 Practice Management System

We don’t sell you a table and then wish you “good luck”. We walk you through every step, every program and every system that will make this a PROFITABLE business venture and NOT just another therapy to help a few more people. Our Marketing Program includes the following:

  • Proven Newspaper Ads
  • Custom Brochures
  • Free Reports
  • Follow Up Email Sequences
  • Mailers
  • Internet Marketing
  • Websites

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Decompression Technique Training

Decompression Technique Training

More Than Just Equipment&mdashWe Equip YOU!

We don’t just send you a table and then leave you hanging. That wouldn’t do our product justice and that wouldn’t be fair to you. We make it our mission to keep you up to date on all the latest research, techniques and tricks so you can offer your patients the absolute highest level of care. Our Comprehensive Training includes the following:

  • Library of videos instructing on technique, set up and protocols
  • 6 months of Free Support—Call our support hotline with your toughest cases
  • Ongoing seminars keeping you up to date
  • Customized research library includes all the latest research findings
  • Videos, animations and News Clips with latest news stories
  • Press Releases showing decompression success

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1 Year End-to-End Warranty

You will sleep like a baby knowing that your DOC spinal decompression table is covered end to end for both parts and warranty.

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Best Price Guarantee

Best Price Guarantee

With our low price guarantee you will get one of the world's most effective spinal decompression tables without having to pay an arm and a leg. This will allow you to get a solid return on your investment. That’s why this table has been called “the best table for your money”.

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